Collington Reimagines Fighting For Me in New Music Video

Collington has reimagined his new single "Fighting For Me" by playing it live in a California Redwood grove in his latest music video. The single version of "Fighting For Me" was produced by Jake Rye (Sanctus Real/Michigander). The duo spent time recording at Rye's personal studio and sending each other files from across the country. The song's melody originated from an older demo that was stuck in Collington's head while considering songs to record. "I had had the chorus stuck in my head all morning. Which was weird because I hadn't thought about the song in a while," says Collington. "I was out running errands, and when I came home, I unintentionally stumbled on the original demo. The demo was saved to my computer. I never save recording sessions directly to my computer, so I was taken aback to find the files. I asked[…] Source