Christian Music Leaders Launch Amplo Records

Bringing together decades of experience from various facets of the entertainment industry, Christian music leaders Lance Wieland, Marcus Rixon, and Jay Speight announce the formation of Amplo Records. The label launches with the signing of acclaimed singer/songwriter Nathan Sheridan to an exclusive recording contract, as well as songwriter Phoebe Scott to an exclusive publishing agreement. Amplo Records will unveil Sheridan's highly anticipated single, "Something Worth Singing About," on August 5, and the song is set to impact Christian radio on August 26. Launching his career in 2018 with the critically acclaimed full-length Broken With You, Sheridan–a National Guard veteran–is a prolific songwriter and emotive recording artist drawing inspiration from his personal journey of overcoming profound adversity and loss. West Tennessee native Phoebe Scott is a multi-genre songwriter. In addition to releasing several solo singles, Scott's compositions have been recorded by a range of artists, and[…] Source