Caroline Cobb Releases New Album

The acclaimed singer/songwriter Caroline Cobb released her fourth album, A King & His Kindness, to streaming, digital and retail outlets worldwide today, distributed exclusively by Integrity Music. The recording zooms in on the heart of Jesus and is rich with biblical imagery, intimate arrangements, and poetic lyrics meant to help the Church rehearse and remember God's Story. Along with the album release, Cobb reveals her "Who Is This Jesus" live video today, which features musicians Paul Demer and Graham Jones. "In this song, I wanted to drop into scenes from the life of Jesus, employing John the disciple's perspective," shares Cobb. "I wanted to tremble with John at Jesus's transfiguration and baptism… wonder at His compassion and miraculous power… feel the disciple's tender sorrow as he experiences the Last Supper and sees his friend take the cross. Seeing Jesus up-close like John did[…] Source