Caleb Crino Announces Engagement

Recently on social media, independent singer/songwriter Caleb Crino announced that he proposed to his girlfriend Morgan Comer. "Over the last eight months, she has come to mean the world to me. I love her with all my heart, and today I asked her to be mine forever. And she said yes!" Caleb shared. "Today was a combination of weeks of planning and decades of prayer. I realized that I've been praying for this woman my entire life, even though I didn't know it was her. Morgan, I'll love you forever. Let's stay young as we grow old together." In addition to the excitement of Caleb and Morgan's engagement, Caleb just released a new music video for one of his recent singles "Lord Jesus Come." It's available to watch now on YouTube. You can share your congratulations with Caleb and Morgan on their[…] Source