Brian Head Welch and Tommy Green Partner with Pyvott

Brian "Head" Welch (Korn, Love & Death) and Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) have partnered with the new ethical social media app Pyvott to raise funds for the nonprofit Run Against Traffic, which supports aftercare initiatives for survivors of human trafficking. The partnership comes in the form of a unique dollar-per-download model. The social media startup Pyvott will be donating one dollar to Run Against Traffic for every app download between now and January 11, up to 100,000 downloads. It's a method that opens the door to new ways of doing both social media and counter-trafficking activism. Tommy Green, formerly of metalcore outfit Sleeping Giant, is the founder of Run Against Traffic. "Our long-term vision was to create a foundation for supporting human trafficking survivors, using the tools of running and community participation– similar to what Lance Armstrong's Livestrong foundation[…] Source