BREAKING NEWS Twitter Bans Newsboys After Christian Group Refuses To Be Gender-Inclusive

Big-tech's crackdown of socially acceptable "free speech" continued today with Twitter's announcement that they have temporarily locked the all-male, Christian band Newsboys' account after the group failed to introduce a female member into their line-up. "We're in complete shock," shared drummer Duncan Phillips. "We love all our sisters in Christ, but we've been the NewsBOYS for over 30 years. As in the News–NO–GIRLS–ALLOWED." Twitter CEO, Parag Agrawal, said, "It's massively disrespectful to males, females and all other genders to continue to communicate to the culture that only one gender is welcome in any entity. The days of male-only boardrooms, political organizations, and yes, even bands, are coming to an end and we look forward to helping lead this progressive change." NewReleaseToday reached out for comment from John Cooper of Skillet–who has been incredibly vocal about woke culture attacking Christianity–to see if he had any concerns[…] Source