BREAKING NEWS The Future Of Christian Music At Risk After Artist’s Beards Cross On Stage

COVID! Elections! Ukraine! If the constant doomsday news of the previous two years were not enough, we could now be on the verge of a complete and total wipeout of an entire industry that has its roots in the early 1970s. Billed as one the best comeback events in the post-pandemic era, rockers Skillet joined co-headliner Crowder alongside metal band, Demon Hunter for a one-night-only concert in Nashville, TN that merge worship-rock, pop-rock, and metal-rock into one evening. It sounded like a great idea. Until music genres were not the only thing that got merged. The cataclysmic event happened in the final act when all three bands went on stage to perform together but got a little too close for comfort. That's when it happened. Eyewitnesses report seeing John Cooper, Crowder, and Demon Hunter's Ryan Clark go center stage to scream into[…] Source