BREAKING NEWS ‘The Chosen’ Announces Season 3 Will Be A Musical

Fans of the popular episodic series, The Chosen, which follows Jesus' early ministry with His disciples, were clamoring for more information yesterday when the official social media account posted a simple quote from Scripture "Behold, I'm doing a new thing." As anticipation grows for the series' third season, which has remained shrouded in mystery, it was apparent the producers were getting ready for a big announcement. The Chosen has skyrocketed in popularity among Bible believers who enjoy not only reading between the lines but seeing them acted out as well. And now, it appears those lines will be sung, with the announcement that Season 3 will be one continuous musical! "We've always embraced the power of music and creative storytelling," shared creator, Dallas Jenkins today. "I'm so excited to take fans on a new journey through[…] Source