BREAKING NEWS Former Switchfoot Member, Drew Shirley Announces Shirley’s Shirts

Earlier last month, Switchfoot saddened fans by announcing that their guitarist of 18 years, Drew Shirley, would be leaving the band. "We love Drew dearly," said the band while sharing the news on social. "This has certainly been a difficult season for us, encountering challenges that have ultimately taken us in different directions." Now, it appears those "different directions" are becoming clear in the form of a new apparel line being launched by Shirley which he's cleverly calling, Shirley's Shirts." "For 18 years, I was sure I wanted to be in Switchfoot," shared Shirley. "And now, I'm sure everyone will surely want to own a Shirley Shirt." Although it sounds like a solid business plan with the backing of a seasoned artist that has plenty of experience selling merch… we're not so sure. "For anyone worried about satisfaction, we'll be offering[…] Source