Big Daddy Weave Asks Fans to Pray for Jay Weaver

Over the weekend on social media, Big Daddy Weave reached out to their fans, asking them to pray for their bassist Jay Weaver. They shared that he's been hospitalized for the past five days, "fighting a tough battle against COVID." "Would you pray with us for complete healing for Jay and for peace for his family?" The band asked on social media. "We pray in Jesus' name that it be so." In July 2021, Jay struggled with other health issues, and the band reached out to their fans and asked them to pray for him. Initially, his family thought he might need to undergo finger amputation, but he was discharged without needing the amputation. Read more about it here. Please join us in praying for Jay Weaver and his family during this time. Keep an eye on Big Daddy Weave's[…] Source