Biden Follows Up Disaterous Easter Day Trans Announcement By Smashing Christian Music

Earlier this week, President Biden surprised most of the nation by releasing an official proclamation recognizing Easter Sunday, March 31, as Transgender Day of Visibility while banning religious-themed eggs at the White House's annual Easter Egg Hunt. Supporters of the announcement were quick to point out that Trans Visibility has been celebrated on March 31 for years (along with the other 182–and counting–LGBTQ+ reserved days of the year), and this year's annual celebration was just a calendar coincidence. Believers nationwide viewed it as yet another attack on their faith, as the nation continues to turn its back away from religion. Never one to miss an opportunity to kick a nation when they're down, Biden followed that proclamation with a full-on attack on Christian music, comparing it to actual garbage. "I remember back in my day, and this was before Corn Pop and I fought[…] Source