Benjamin Hastings Featured in NRT Exclusive Interview

Recently, NRT's Grace Chaves and Selena Schulz had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Benjamin Hastings from Hillsong United. Known for his hit songs with Hillsong like "That's The Power" and "So Will I (100 Billion X)," Benjamin recently branched out from the worship collective to start his own solo project. In October 2021, he released his debut singles "Homeward" and "Faith Is," and since then has released songs like "The Jesus I Know" and "Anyway." Grace and Selena got to talk with Benjamin about his new solo project, his latest single, and the inspiration behind some of his hit songs. The video interview is available now on YouTube and Instagram. "A line dropped in my head, and we never actually used it in the song, but I'm going to do a reprise or something like that," Benjamin said,[…] Source