Andy Mineo And Lecrae’s Coming In Hot Catches Fire On Social Media

Atlanta, GA Andy Mineo and Lecrae's "Coming In Hot" is catching fire on social media this week. The song has been trending at #2 on Instagram Reels for a month, and has over 130K+ uses on IG Reels. With the song on its way to being RIAA certified Gold, Mineo recently responded to the virality of the song by posting a storytime video while announcing a gold plaque giveaway to the best UGC video and Lecrae recently recorded his own response. In the last three weeks, the song has been used by Kim Kardashian, Jordyn Woods, Kristen Bell, Common, and more. Additionally, since it was released in 2018, it was used to launch Will Smith's inaugural TikTok channel, was selected by Steph Curry as the theme song to his life and Lebron James and the Steelers has featured the song across social media. Fox Sports[…] Source