All Together United Releases ‘Anything Is Possible’

All Together United is a contemporary Christian rock/pop band. They combine elements of pop, rock, classic rock, and worship to create a sound that competes with mainstream trends, but also allows them to be unique, with modern musical elements and a multiple harmonic classic rock vocals vibe. This blend is the like-minded vision of both founder/drummer Chad Hampton and lead singer Matthew Ide. All Together United was founded in 2013. Founder/Drummer Chad Hampton has always envisioned a band that was capable of blending the awesome sounds of rock, pop, dance, and worship music to engage audiences in an experience with God, not just a rock concert. Their groove-laden tunes bellow with a kaleidoscope of sound that brings an awakening to all who hear it. Although the collective bands' influences stem from different musical genres of popular Christian music, their goal is to fuse them together[…] Source