Alex Henry Foster Releases New Album

This week, alternative post-rock's Alex Henry Foster released his live triple-vinyl/double-CD and concert film Standing Under Bright Lights. Available at digital and streaming outlets everywhere from Hopeful Tragedy Records, the project was recorded live in front of a sold-out venue in July of 2019 while Foster headlined the Montreal International Jazz Festival. From Montreal and now residing in the highlands of Virginia, Foster's full production, 11-piece band concert, Standing Under Bright Lights, was named one of the top five events not to be missed by Canada's national TV/Radio broadcaster CBC. Originally set to release October 8, 2020, which would have been his late father's birthday, Foster decided to utilize the extra time the worldwide pandemic would give him to produce the recording and concert film. Along with lead singles "The Son of Hannah" and "Winter Is Coming In" that have received hundreds of[…] Source